Contact the Committee to Free Alvaro Luna Hernandez!

We need more people involved, especially students at high schools, colleges and universities. If you're interested in the case, offering promotions, support, or starting a locala support chapter of the COMMITTEE TO FREE ALVARO LUNA HERNANDEZ, please email us. If you want to distribute literature in your area, download PDF flyers here.

Central Campaign Coordinator
John S. Dolley, Jr.
P.O. Box 7187, Austin, Texas 78713
(512) 478-7666

Alpine Chapter
P.O. Box 81
Alpine, TX 79830

San Jose Chapter
P.O. Box 1523
San Jose, CA 95109

San Diego Chapter
P.O. Box 620095
San Diego, CA 92162

International - Toronto Chapter
Sara Falconer, Spokesperson
P.O. Box 97048
RPO Roncesvalles Ave.
Toronto, ON, M6R 3B3, Canada


  1. I received a letter from Alvaro last week. His pro bono attorney has moved on to another field and he is currently without counsel. We need to help him find new representation - it's urgent.

  2. Can someone contact me who knows Alvaro? I conducted an interview with him while at TDCJ and I am now writing an article on him, after having published a book. But I am looking for any of his letter or papers surrounding his case and political work. Thank you.