Dear Comrades, Political Prisoner Alvaro Luna Hernandez needs your help with phone calls and fax action as soon as possible this coming week, as well as e-mails, to the Alfred D. Hughes Unit's Senior Warden Dawn Grounds and Assistant Warden Kenneth Dean, the Texas Senate, and please include the Region VI Director and TDCJ-CID Directors in that mix too.

The problem stems from what appears to be either from a gungho "points-scoring" Assistant Warden Kenneth Dean, or a general escalation of STG hyperactivity against Alvaro the past few months from the Warden's office; some of my correspondence have been rejected as STG content in recent months. In an April 29th TDCJ-CID "Inter-Office Communications" notice to Alvaro, Dean states that... "This is to inform you that Mary Bernal has been administratively removed from your visitation list. The action of removing her from your list was taken by the warden's office." "You may appeal this decision through the Grievance procedure. You must do so within 14 days of this notice." (Alvaro submitted an I-60 to Dean May 4th, 2008. with no response coming from Dean)

A "Step One" Grievance was filed on May 11, 2008 following this. This is where we can intercede for Alvaro with some success if enmasse, even though they are required to exhaust their grievances through the "Step Two" process of the Program after a reply/or none from administration. Mary Bernal has been on Alvaro's approved list for years with no problems; there was no specific reasons at all for her removal. Visitations are monitored on video camera, and audio in the phone receivers, and his correspondence to her and from her hasn't been disturbed; so this is totally arbitrary and serves no logical penological interest. He's asked that they rescind that order, and claims these were violations to his protected liberty interests of notification; a neutral decisonmaker; due process; and the First Amendment.

In a related condition of Texas' Administrative Segregation (Control Housing) there at the Alfred D. Hughes Unit, with a nearly 600-prisoner population in that section, Alvaro stated in a May 15, 2008 letter, that the prisoners in Ad-Seg. with mental stress problems are being abused in that "Torture Chamber"...as he calls it...and..."we must stop it"; so if you can manage all that in one communique - that would be a blow for human rights.

Here is a list of names and numbers to choose from that ought to stir up some waves; I suggest an emphasis on the OIG, TDCJ-CID Director Quarterman, Region VI Director Campuzano, for some influencial effects - and then the Wardens next in priority for calls or faxes:

Office of the Inspector General,Attn: John Moriarity,oigspecialops@tdcj.state.tx.us(936)437-5122
fax: (936) 437-5118

Nathaniel Quarterman, TDCJ-CID Director,
(936) 437-2173,
fax: (936) 437-6325

TDCJ-CID Region VI Director
Gilberto Campuzano,
(512) 671-2575
fax: (512) 671-2579

Senior Warden Dawn Grounds,
Alfred D. Hughes Unit,
Route-2, Box 4400,
Gatsville, Texas
(254) 865-6663
fax: (254) 865-6964

Senator John Whitmire, Chair:
Criminal Justice Committee & Criminal Justice Legislative Oversight
P.O. Box 12068,
Capitol Station,
Austin, Texas 78711
(512) 463-0115
fax: (713) 864-5287 (Houston District Office)

Please let me know, the Central Coordinator for the Committee to Free Alvaro Luna Hernandez, or let Alvaro know directly by mail any responses you get of interest; make a copy should they happen to disappear for any reason once they arrive there at Hughes.TDCJ agencies have a general policy to notify you after they receive a complaint that a formal investigation will be assessed before they are required to reply to you again within a 30-day period; so don't be surprised if they catch you dozing. Yours, in Solidarity for Political Prisoners Mr. Twitch, ABC Para-Legal Services, P.O. Box 7187, Austin, Texas 78712 ...

"For Prisoners, there is no alcohol nor flowers, but the night is so lovely, how can we celebrate it? I go to the air hole and stare up at the moon, and through the air hole, the moon smiles at the poet..."- Ho Chi Minh, Prison Diary

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