Alvaro's 9 year old son, born July 31, 1996.
When Alvaro was assaulted by the Alpine Sheriff on July 18, 1996, Alvaro's wife was pregnant with Alvaro III. Alvaro's mother, his wife were arrested, terrorized by the police and charged with hindering Alvaro's arrest. Alvaro has never abandoned his son, since the child's birth and has always supported him financially and emotionally, thanks to the help of the ROSENBURG FUND FOR CHILDREN,

The politically repressive assault against the imprisoned Alvaro and his family escalated with civil proceedings by Children's Protective Services (CPS) to take custody of the child. The child has been placed in a foster home, the CPS rejecting all pleas by the family to be allowed to take custody of the child. Alvaro's parental rights were terminated after a jury trial, where he was not even allowed to attend, on the grounds that he was "too dangerous" to transport from Texas prison to court.

The State of Texas has not only imprisoned an innocent man, but has destroyed his family. Alvaro III needs his father. Many children placed under the jurisdiction of the Texas CPS system have ended up abused, injured or even murdered while in foster care, in a system that has been the subject of political scandal in recent years. See SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS-NEWS, - Legislator Asks Closer Look At 3 S.A. Kids' Deaths Fri, July 16, 2006, p. 5B, ggarcia@ This is another humanitarian reason to support the Movement To Free Alvaro.

Alvaro III taking a bite of the birthday cake his Dad had sent to him from prison for Alvaro III's 4th birthday party.

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