He has been denied Law Library privileges because of his legal-active assistance to Texas prisoners and his Political Prisoner status.

So, we are asking people to write or to call in anytime on Thursday, February 11th, to these listed officials during Texas State office hours (Central Time).

Twitch - Entropy,
Central Campaign Coordinator,
Committee to Free Alvaro Luna Hernandez,

Please also write directly to our comrade to keep the lines of communication open at a difficult time of retaliation being acted out by the TDCJ-CID Hughes Unit Law Library staff:

Alvaro Luna Hernandez,
Alfred D. Hughes Unit,
Route-2, Box 4400,
Gatesville, Texas 76597


Alvaro Luna Hernandez is a Chicano/Mexicano anti-imperialist indigenous political prisoner and POW, being held captive in Texas for defending himself in a shootout with Texas authorities who attempted to assassinate him on July 18, 1996. Currently Alvaro has been denied access to legal materials in the Hughes Unit Law Library. Alvaro has submitted an I-60 Grievance request on December 13th 2009, and has received no response.

Alvaro's denial of library material is a direct violation of his fundamental right under Texas law (499.102(a)(12), 518 U.S. 343,115 S. Ct. 2174) Alvaro's grievances are either being thrown away or otherwise tampered with by prison staff, which is a direct violation of Texas Penal Code (Tampering with official government documents, section 39.04) and a violation of his civil rights.

The Hughes Unit law library has a history of such corrupt practices. For example, several months ago law library staff officers Murillo and Turner were reassigned off the library because they were abusing and stealing from the Prisoner Indigent Fund to their own benefit. It is apparent that the prison is unable to or unwilling (most likely both) to facilitate proper care and supplies to its prisoners, along with access to materials which are a prisoners' fundamental right.

It is atrocious and unacceptable that the same oppressors who hold our comrades hostage will so openly disregard their own laws, all the while without being held accountable for their crimes. Alvaro has been targeted due to his political affiliation and noble actions as a prison para-legal, helping other inmates fight back against the racist Texas prison system. (The police in west Texas have a history of abuse, frame-ups and brutality against Mexicanos. 90% of felony indictments are against Chicanos in a county whose population is 50% Mexican/Chicano.)


Print out the following letter (write in the recipient’s name and print/sign) and send to any (or all) of these addresses:

Chairman Oliver J. Bell,
Texas Board of Criminal Justice,
P.O. Box 13084,
Austin, TX 78711

Gilbert Campuzano
TDCJ Regional Director, Region VI,
4616 W. Howard Lane,
Suite 200,
Austin, TX 78728
(512) 671-2575

Senator John Whitmire,
PO Box 12068,
Capitol Station,
Austin, TX 78711
(512) 463-0115

Attorney General of Texas,
Greg Abbott,Office of the Attorney General,P.O. Box 12548,Austin, Texas
78711-2548Main Switchboard: (512) 463-2100

FAX: (512) 475-2994


I am writing this letter out of concern for Texas state inmate Alvaro Luna Hernandez #255735. It has come to my attention that Mr. Hernandez has been denied access to the Hughes Unit's law library, which is a violation of his fundamental right to access courts, counsel, and public officials rules (Board Policy No. BP-03.81 and also as mandated by SEctions 492.013 (a) and 499.102 (a) (12), Texas Government Code, and the Lewis V. Casey, 518 U.S. 343, 116 S. Ct. 2174, 1996)

As of December 13th Mr. Hernandez has issued a formal I-60 grievance to which he has received no response, indicating that there has been tampering of his I-60 form by prison staff. Under said circumstances the prison guards are committing a form of extortion against the state of Texas by tampering with a federal government document, depriving Mr. Hernandez of a civil right, and all the while receiving a monthly salary while not performing their job descriptions. These practices constitute crimes under Texas law (Section 37.10, Texas Penal Code, Tampering with a Government Document, Section 39.03, and Section 39.04, Texas Penal Code, Violation of Civil Rights of a Person in Custody). These crimes are also punishable under federal law, given the nature of the I-60 document (Title 18 United States Code, Sections 241, and 242).

I ask that you review the issues of abuse that have been occurring to Mr. Hernandez and that steps be taken to correct the measures of document tampering, denial of a fundamental right (access to legal material), and the malpractice of prison guards in the Hughes Unit. Mr. Hernandez will not be cut off from his supporters, he will let
us know if these conditions persist.

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