Black August '09
August 21, 2009
Monkey Wrench Books
Austin, Texas

The Black August '09 gathering at Monkey Wrench went off very well in Austin. Albeit an intimate group of 25 participants, the familiar prison activist faces amongst the group were a welcome sight.

After a brief introduction about Black August and the activities of the Monkey Wrench Collective, Carlos Perez de Alejo introduced Twitch - Entropy of ABC Para-Legal Services, who gave an overview of the annual observance and historical timeline that gave rise to Black August out of the California Prisons system. He also covered how Control Units are used by prison systems to oppress and isolate political prisoners from their support and prisoner organizing.

Alvaro Luna Hernandez and Khalfani Malik Khaldun, were co-sponsors of the event and number themselves with the many as devoted students of George Jackson and consider him as their revolutionary mentor.

We showed the recent popular 29-minute video documentary film "Legacy of Torture" by The Freedom Archives, which judging from some of the responses and gasps, what they did to the San Francisco-8 Defendants; THEY - (FBI, LA, SF, & NY and New Orleans cops) ought to be the ones INDICTED - and will some day!

This film segued well into our scheduled guest speaker of the evening's presentation that delt with COINTELPRO, as Curtis Mullins, 30-year supporter with the Ruchell "Cinque" Magee Defense Team, and the African American Council of Tulsa, OK., spoke about the signifigance of Cinque's case that would most likely favorably affect all political prisoner's cases should his appeal manage to succeed and circumvent the Anti-Terrorist Act that's hobbled so many P.P.s' Habeus claims since its re-authorization.

A stimulating Q & A followed Curtis' presentation.

Twitch - Entropy
Committee to Free Alvaro Luna Hernandez, & Campaign to Free Khalfani Malik Khaldun,
Austin, Texas

In Solidarity with Black August
August 21, 2009

Fraternal, Revolutionary Greetings in Solidarity from behind the Iron Curtain of one of Amerikkka’s Gulags!

From Texas’ slave plantation “Control Unit,” in Gatesville, let us join hands and forever celebrate BLACK AUGUST to commemorate the heroic actions of our fallen Comrades GEORGE and JONATHON JACKSON, WILLIAM CHRISTMAS, JAMES McCLAIN, and many others who sacrificed their lives in the service of poor and oppressed people’s liberation for a better society and a better world, free of racist bigotry, free of economic exploitation of the poor, free of KKKoncentration KKKamps called “prisons,” for the profit of the rich and their corporations, free of neo-colonialism capitalism, imperialism and fascism.

Through the heroic examples of our fallen Brothers, we draw historical knowledge and spiritual power to continue the struggle where they left off, always getting inspiration from them, and always honoring their memory and their sacrifices in the face of tremendous odds, and a vicious, cruel, and evil oppressor enemy who saw our Comrades as a “threat” to their system of national oppression and ruling-class rule.

The oppressor enemy believes that it can kill our leaders and cripple and stop our movement. But for every one of us they kill and bury, one hundred more revolutionaries will be born until their system of institutionalized racism, police torture and brutality, oppression, neo-colonialism, capitalism, imperialism and fascism, is extinguished from the face of the earth.

On this special month at this special event, let us rejoice and salute our fallen Comrades for they have shown us, by their heroic examples, that there is only one road out of this oppressive misery, and that is through our unity, our determination and our personal sacrifices, for we only have our chains to break and a new world to win, a world without oppressors and oppression! We, who are held captive in Amerikkka’s Gulags, will do our part. POWER TO THE PEOPLE! GEORGE AND JONATHON LIVE! ABOLISH THE PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX! DEATH TO COLONIALISM, CAPITALISM, IMPERIALISM AND FASCISM! FREE ALL U.S. POLITICAL PRISONERS, PRISONERS OF WAR!

Texas Slave Plantation, Gatesville

In Solidarity with Black August
August 21, 2009

Revolutionary salutations Comrades: All Power to the People who don’t fear freedom and who stand in the defense of the oppressed. Comrade George Jackson once said: “Action establishes the Front”. Black August IS that Front by which we celebrate the memory, lives, struggles of our fallen Comrades; and those living and still fighting inside U.S. Prison Plantations and Control Units and to those still serving in society.

As you gather today, I extend to you my love, strength, and solidarity for Black August represents to the U.S. something special. The work to build a sustainable revolutionary movement has yet to be met.

So, with that said, what follows is that we are obligated to sow the seeds of unity, self-determination, and nation-building everywhere there’s a listening ear. The U.S. Government has become drunk on Building these New Plantations (Isolation Units) to hide our Comrades out of the reach of the people. So, while you congregate and Break Bread among yourselves during Black August Celebrations; please don’t let our enemies think you’ve forgotten about Amerika’s Prisoners of War and Political Prisoners warehoused inside these Control Unit Plantations all across this fascist country.

Let’s continue the work our Comrades started.

Long Live Our Comrades and all that’s related to the Celebration of Black August.

Aluta Continua!

Bro. Khalfani Malik Khaldun,
#874304, B-Unit, (SCU),
Wabash Valley Correctional Facility,
P.O. Box 1111,
Carlisle, Indiana


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